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Federation of German Heating Industry – BDH

Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH)      

The sector's leading industrial association

Manufacturers of high-efficiency systems for heating, hot water provision, ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings are organized in the BDH. These manufacturers produce modern wood, oil and gas-fired boilers, heat pumps, solar installations, ventilation systems, control and regulation mechanisms, radiators and panel heating/cooling systems, burners, heat stores, heating pumps, flue systems, storage tanks and other ancillary components. They generate a turnover of about 14 billion Euros and employ some 72,000 staff worldwide. Because of the relative high investment in Research and Development - an annual figure of around 640 million Euros - the member companies of the BDH enjoy a leading position in international markets and are technologically ahead of the field.

Fuels in flux

Responsibility for the environment, the efficient use of energy resources as well as rising energy prices within the past decades have caused public interest to focus more strongly on energy-efficient systems and the use of renewable energies in the heating market. By modernizing the way energy is used in the existing building stock with energy-efficient heating and ventilation systems, combined with renewable energy sources, very considerable savings in energy and potential reductions in CO² can be achieved. The energy efficiency of the existing building stock can be reduced by 50 %, according to information supplied by the European Union (source: Green Paper on "Energy Efficiency or Doing More with Less"). So buildings consume twice as much energy as is technically feasible.

Double strategy: efficiency and renewable energies

Responsibility for the environment, the efficient use of 40% of Europe's energy consumption is accounted for by the building stock. A good 85% of that serves to heat the building and to provide domestic hot water. This, in turn, corresponds to around a third of the total energy consumption in Europe. Increasing the efficiency of existing installations in buildings can achieve energy savings of 30% and more. In order to meet the targets set, the quota of modernisation work needs to be increased drastically. Alongside these measures fossil fuels should be gradually squeezed out by increasing use of renewable energies. At the same time, the modernization rate for thermal insulation of building envelopes should be increased.

Current projects include improving access to the Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Indian, Kazakhstan and North American markets. In doing this, the BDH is working closely together with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry - AUMA and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The BDH presidency is held by Manfred Greis, Chief Representative of Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co KG, with Mr. Andreas Lücke acting as the association's General Executive Manager.

Federation of German Heating Industry (BDH)
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