LAMTEC Meß- und Regeltechnik für Feuerungen GmbH & Co. KG

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Intelligent Sensors and Burner Management Systems for combustion process technology that ensure optimal combustion resulting in emission reduction and lower energy consumption

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Sensors and Systems for a wide range of heating, industrial and process combustion applications/furnaces

  • Burner Management Systems (BMS); SIL3 approved 

  • Comprehensive range of Flame Scanners and Flame Safeguard Control for industrial and process applications, as well as for power plants, SIL3

  • Ignitors and Pilot Burner

  • In situ O2; COe and NOx Flue Gas Analyzer for Combustion Monitoring and Optimization 

  • Mass-Flow-Measurement Grids for gaseous fluids

LAMTEC Meß- und Regeltechnik für Feuerungen GmbH & Co. KG
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69190 Walldorf

Phone: +49 6227 60520
Fax: +49 6227 605257

LAMTEC Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
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100101, Beijing Chaoyang
P.R. China

Phone: +86 138 01126682

Products and services

  • LAMTEC BMS State of Art: 
    Combustion-Management-System CMS SIL3, Modular-Flexible-Customizable 
    Reliable BurnerTronic BT300 Serie, optional SIL3

  • Innovative UV, IR Flame Scanner SIL3

  • In situ flue gas Analyzer for O2, NOx and COe 

  • Combustion Optimization (O2-Control)

  • Ignitors and Pilotburner

  • Mass-Flow- Measurement-Grids 
CMS Combustion Management System (SIL3)

Whether it be a standard industrial combustion or complex process application, LAMTEC´s revolutionary CMS Burner-Management-System sets new standards in control automation and flexibility. Optionally VSC air and FGR fan Control for lower electrical consumption and Combustion Optimization (O2-/CO-Control) for maximum possible efficiency.

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Flame Monitoring Systems

60 years of know how flame on monitoring systems

State of Art: F300K UV-/IR-Compact-Flame Scanner SIL3 for a wide range of heating, industrial and process applications, as well as for power plants.

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Continious In-Situ O2-/NOx Measurement

Combined measurement of the O2-concentration and the total concentration of NO and NO2 (displayed as NOx) in flue gas of combustion plants
Permissible fuels:
Natural gas
Biomass (e.g. wood)

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News & Innovations

Online Remote Visualization and Service Management for LAMTEC BMS Visiocontrol 4.0 LAMTEC Service App
  • Visualization, Data recording and analysis

  • Start up assistance with online support

  • Direct access for online updates

  • Support and error diagnostic online
In-Situ NOx-/O2-Measurement

Continuous In-Situ NOx-/O2-Measurement to connect up to 4 probes.

Connection with LAMTEC BMS (CMS and BT300) via LAMTEC-SYSTEM-BUS (LSB) for O2-Control .

CMS Combustion Management System SIL3 - The Evolution of Combustion Control and Optimization

Modular and Customisable Burner Management System for a variable range of applications from central heating plant up to complex process plants, everything is controllable.

Integraded Soft-PLC (CODESYS) for additional non fail safe control assigments.

O2-/COe-Combustion Optimization to increase Efficiency and reduce polution.

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