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With our constant commitment to building a comfort, healthy and energy-efficient indoor environment for the consumer, Meltem has developed into a leader in the comfort ventilation.

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With a combination of innovative technology and high-end craftsmanship, and with our constant commitment to building a comfort, healthy and energy-efficient indoor environment for the consumer, Meltem's products meet the highest quality levels and technical standards. We uphold the highest standards to ensure reliability, longevity and energy efficiency in all of our products.

All our products are strictly tested, TÜV-certified and approved by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt). Our innovative thinking is not only present in our technology, but also in the design of our products. The covers of our ventilation products can be ordered in different designs, making them a unique accessory for your home and lifestyle.

For over 40 years, constantly with the focus on customer satisfaction, the family enterprise has developed into a leader in comfort ventilation.

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Fresh air means more quality of life. It ensures that people feel comfort in their
homes. Raised CO2 concentrations can lead to fatigue, headaches, problems concentrating and decreased performance. Vapours from cleaning agents, building materials, carpets, furniture, etc. contaminate the air we breathe with additional pollutants. Proper ventilation is thus essential for a healthy home. Many people suffer from allergies caused by dust or pollen. With our ventilation units, you can keep these allergens outside.

The fine filter medium effectively retains pollen and respirable dust particles such as soot and bacteria from dust class PM1. The activated charcoal filter should be used to prevent unpleasant odours and harmful gases.

By choosing a Meltem home ventilation system you will be able to create a healthy indoor environment and a higher quality of life in your own home.


- Up to 94 % heat recovery efficiency
- Cross-counterflow heat exchanger
- Enthalpy heat exchanger with moisture recovery
- Constant volume flow rate
- Inherent noise from LpA, 10 m² = 8.4 dB(A)
- Sound insulation D n,e,w up to 70 dB
- Filter class ISO ePM1 60% (F7) as standard
- Pollutants in the outdoor air can be detected by optional VOC sensor
- High air flow 10 - 100 m3/h
- Single or multi-room solution
- Passivhaus (PHI)-certified
- Tested to VDI 6022 sheet 1 hygiene standards

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The classic

- Up to 76 % heat recovery efficiency
- Cross-flow heat exchanger
- Inherent noise from LpA, 10 m² = 12.4 dB(A)
- Sound insulation Dn,e,w up to 56 dB
- Filter class ISO ePM10 65% (G4) as standard
- High air flow 15 – 100 m³/h
- Single or multi-room solution
- Filter class: ISO ePM1 60% (F7) optional
- Tested to VDI 6022 sheet 1 hygiene standards

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News & Innovations

Passive house standard for ventilation unit series M-WRG-II from Meltem
With the new M-WRG-II device series, Meltem is well equipped for use in passive houses. On March 13, 2019 at the ISH Julia Sophie Weiser and Dipl. Phys. Oliver Kah from the Passive House Institute presented Mathias Kwak, Technical Product Manager at Meltem, the certificates for the two device series M-WRG-II P and M-WRG-II E. The device series P is equipped with a cross-countercurrent heat exchanger , the device series E with a cross-countercurrent heat exchanger with moisture recovery. The units are the first decentralized ventilation units to be fitted in series with an ISO ePM1 60% (F7) outside air filter.

The M-WRG-II ventilation units meet all the standards specified by the Passive House Institute for installation in passive houses. They enable economical and responsible use of valuable thermal energy and are therefore particularly suitable for future-oriented building equipment.

Further information is available on the landing page at
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Meltem celebrates 40 years of innovative ventilation technology made in Germany
The manufacturer of innovative comfort ventilation devices with heat recovery can look back on 40 years of successful company history this year. Today Meltem is one of the leading manufacturers of decentralized ventilation units in Europe with over one million units sold.

Meltem was founded in 1980. In 2002, Meltem started the production of comfort ventilation devices with heat recovery. These are characterized by high ease of use and a wide variety of variants with which object-related solutions can be implemented. Since 2019, Meltem has been offering the latest generation of M-WRG-II devices, which is optimally tailored to the structural conditions of modern buildings.

Meltem attaches great importance to the exclusive development and manufacture of its products in Germany. At the company location in Alling near Munich there are currently around 60 employees. There is also an international network of sales partners.

Further information can be found on the Internet at
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Meltem won the Bronze Medal in the category of "best product - innovative technology"
Meltem was awarded the Bronze Medal of German Architects' Darling for 2020 at the category of "Best Product-Innovation Technology".

The medal is to praise the comfort ventilation product series M-WRG-II developed by Meltem. They are optimal for modern low energy buildings and satisfied with the PHI-certificate. They are also proved for use in passive houses. All devices are equipped with a cross-counterflow heat exchanger and impressive with their high level of heat recovery. They work particularly quietly with their good sound insulation.

The model variant M-WRG-II E with enthalpy cross-counterflow heat exchanger can achieve heat recovery rate of max. 91% WBG. With this option, humidity can be also recovered from the exhaust air. This has a positive effect on the indoor climate, especially during the heating season.

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